Masterclass: Poetry

Masterclass: Poetry

Mon Jun 25 10:00 AM
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The Wheeler Centre, Performance Space
General Admission
All Ages
360 Mins

Poetry as a record, or a map. Poetic practice as protest. Poems as performance. Find your voice, and learn how to craft poetry with depth, clarity and concision.

 10am Keynote: On Responsibility 

With voice and freedom come responsibility. Narungga activist-poet  Natalie Harkin , author of  Dirty Words , speaks about the responsibility to remember and how poetry can offer new narratives of history.

 10.30am The Poetic Gaze 

The poetic gaze can offer vast possibilities to rewrite, reinterpret and rework narratives of the world and the self. Four writers explore their influences, seeing the world through a poetic lens, and crafting new visions and modes through poetic language.

With  Shastra Deo, Magan Magan, Chris Tse  and  Saaro Umar 

 11.30am Adventures In Form 

From hybrid texts to visual narratives, encoded poetry to ekphrasis, working with poetic form can provide space for infinite variation. Poets who work in unique visual and multidisciplinary forms discuss the perplexing, exciting and experimental aspects of their work. With  Louis Klee, Benjamin Laird,  and  Prithvi Varatharajan 

 1.15pm Academics And Poetics 

Exclusionary politics often come hand in hand with literary categorisations of poetry. This discussion will explore and deconstruct the ways in which certain experiences and perspectives are denied access to these classifications.

With  Evelyn Araluen  and  Jonathan Dunk 

 2.00pm Rule Book 

Do you have to know the rules to break them? Learn how to harness the fluidity and flexibility of poetic form to craft poems that leave your reader wanting more. With  Charlotte Guest, Melody Paloma  and  Gig Ryan 

 3pm Workshop: Poetry and Voice 

Slam champion  Emilie Zoey Baker  will whip your performance poetry into shape, looking at how to write with voice, how to perform your work, and what makes for a stage presence that will blow your audience away.

Sold Out
Please note that this event is sold out.

The Wheeler Centre, Performance Space

176 Little Lonsdale St Melbourne, Victoria, 3000